BlueGreen’s carbon capture capabilities

Carbon removed to date:
3M tons (removed for >100 years) and 308K tons (removed for >1000 years)
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Excess carbon dioxide is a worldwide concern

Why is everyone trying to get rid of Carbon dioxide? Simply put, excess carbon dioxide (CO2) in the world’s atmosphere is an environmental disaster and a major driver of climate change. Every country in the world is waking up to the harmful effect of carbon dioxide and creating legislation aimed at limiting CO2 emissions.

BlueGreen has developed a solution for the simple and scalable removal of gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Thousands of tons of carbon, gone for good!

BlueGreen’s revolutionary technologies and water treatment formulations are responsible for the removal of hundreds of thousands of tons of harmful carbon from our atmosphere each year.

By focusing on oceans – the largest source of excess carbon in the world – we are unlocking a massive and untapped potential to clean up the environment and literally preserve life on earth.

Our treatments result in the best kind of carbon removal where carbon is transformed into inert limestone. This generates the most desired type of carbon credits in the world.


Leaves no residue or footprint

Requires no infrastructure

Cost effective

Ready to roll out at scale.

Also reduces methane - another harmful GHG

BlueGreen is the only company with a workable and effective solution for the removal of excess carbon dioxide at scale.

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What’s the connection to HABs?

Microalgae, such as blue-green algae, occur naturally in lakes and oceans across the globe and are valued for their ability to capture CO2 and perform a mineralization process that removes gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, algae can also go rogue, strangling ecosystems and producing toxins that harm plant, animal, and human life.

Supporting healthy algal populations

By leveraging AI, data science, and deep learning, we have developed pioneering methods for evaluating, measuring, and controlling many kinds of algal populations. Not only does this help solve the pervasive problem of water scarcity (which affects many underprivileged populations globally), but it also removes undesirable forms of algae (and carbon alongside it) allowing healthy algal populations to continue their important function on earth.

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Ground-breaking technology

(how we do it)

BlueGreen’s innovative water technology strategy enhances and accelerates natural bio-mineralization removing a large percentage of the earth’s excess carbon using powerful cyanobacteria CO2 capture capabilities.

By integrating exclusive mineralization with proprietary science, we have found an innovative way to tackle algal blooms while producing blue carbon (sequestered carbon) at scale.

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Generating new carbon credits

A growing body of legislation holds countries, manufacturers, and corporations around the world accountable for their carbon emissions and requires them to make drastic efforts to reduce their emissions. Some governments have ambitious goals to reach Net Zero within a few years. To ease the transition to a lower-carbon-emission world, a system of carbon credits was developed whereby those who overuse their quota can purchase credits from those who have not used theirs up, thus keeping the world in balance.

The problem is that the demand for carbon credits outstrips supply

Worldwide demand for carbon credits

The demand for carbon credits could increase by a factor of 15 or more by 2030 and by a factor of up to 100 by 2050.
We expect the market for carbon credits to be worth upward of $50 billion in 2030 (McKinsey,“A blueprint for scaling voluntary carbon markets to meet the climate challenge”)

By promoting the simple and scalable removal of gigatonnes of carbon from the atmosphere, BlueGreen’s technologies have the potential to generate masses of new carbon credits thus easing the transition to Net Zero

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