Now Accepting Applications to Bring Safe Water to Underprivileged Communities Around the World!

There’s only so much that we can do alone, but by working together we can ensure water is drinkable, swimmable, fishable – in other words, safe and free of harmful algal blooms for all!​

We believe in clean water access for all.

At BlueGreen, we believe it is critical to help everyone have access to our most precious resource– water. We strive to make water safe all over the world through our suite of technologies focused on monitoring and treating harmful algal blooms (HABs). That is why we are constantly conducting research and looking for innovative ways to treat waterbodies and reduce the numbers of dangerously infected lakes and oceans. This is all part of our fight to create a world in which everyone has access to safe water, whether for sustenance or for recreation.

Our core focus is long-term remediation of HABs to enable sustained revitalization efforts. Our solutions include both advanced monitoring and environmentally friendly treatments suitable for the most sensitive ecosystems. Our algorithms offer advanced satellite, drone and in-situ monitoring that can identify leading indicators and track blooms. AI learns to recognize the unique characteristics of the water, enabling us to model and forecast HABs over space and time. The more information we have, the easier and better we can treat waterbodies and make them safe.

While we are developing our own tools to help make water clean and safe, we are giving back and making a positive impact on those who need it most, too. That is why we have introduced The Clean Water Program.


BlueGreen is currently seeking partners for strategic projects to rehabilitate cyanobacteria infested water bodies in underprivileged communities.


Let us help you!

We have sourced a limited amount of funding for 2023 to support pro-bono lake-remediation activities in underprivileged communities through our Clean Water Program. If your water body suffers from recurring untreatable toxic cyanobacterial blooms and is a semi-contained lake of up to 250 acres, we hope to help you!

Our goal is to engage with local community members from diverse backgrounds, collaborating together to provide a globally recognized and proven water-tech algal bloom treatment application during a season (up to 4 months) in 2023. We will support the community throughout the entire season and provide lake rehabilitation services.

To apply for The Clean Water Program, read through the eligibility criteria below and, if you think you’re a fit, fill out the following form and we will be in touch.


Non-profits; Academic or Research Institutions; Governments (Local, State, Federal); Others involved in water quality monitoring or remediation of HABs

For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

Proposal evolution:

Your project proposal will be rated based on the total sum of the following criteria (1=poor; 10=exceptional):

  • Significance
    • Total number of people expected to benefit from the project (1-10)
    • Community involvement and engagement, including number of volunteers and volunteer hours (1-10)
    • Plan ensures long-term sustainability of project goals (1-10)
  • Environment:
    • Greater interest areas selected (e.g., irrigation = 1, recreation/drinking = 10)
    • Known history of HABs (1-10)
    • Access to baseline data and background information (1-10)
  • Approach
    • Project readiness (1-10)
    • Narrative response (1-10)
    • Availability of licensed applicators (1-10)

Tentative Deadline:

Feb. 1, 2023 – PROPOSALS OPEN to be accepted on a rolling basis.
March 24, 2023 – ANNOUNCEMENT of selected project(s).

Questions or technical issues?
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