BlueGreen Water Technologies’ Jan Spin at Davos 2024

March 6, 2024
“I was encouraged by the conversation and pleased to see nature-based climate solutions included in a number of panel discussions”

- Jan Spin, President of Americas

BlueGreen Water Technologies President of Americas Jan Spin was on the ground in Davos, Switzerland during the 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum. The annual gathering draws business leaders, entrepreneurs, heads of state,  government ministers, and members of academia and civil society to discuss the world’s greatest challenges. 

Spin joined the discussion at the Davos Summit Leaders Dinner where topics ranged from economic growth and competitiveness, innovation and artificial intelligence (AI), climate finance,and the energy transition.

“I was encouraged by the conversation,” said Spin. “Overall, there was a lot of enthusiasm about the macro economic picture, particularly about the health ofthe U.S. economy and its ability to avert a recession.”

Courtesy: SyedMahmood

“I was also pleased to see nature-based climate solutions included in a number of the panel discussions at this year’s event,” said Spin. “One of the key take aways from those discussions is the need to get more money flowing to critical projects. We need more seed capital and public/private partnerships to deploy decarbonization projects with speed, at scale.” 

“There was also a focus on integrating the value of nature into the corporate business model,” said Spin.“Companies should add nature to the decision-making process when bringing new projects online. Nature tends to be invisible in most decision-making, and humanity is paying the price.”

Courtesy: World EconomicForum

Outside of the panel discussions, the ongoing climate crisis took more of a backseat at this year’s event, the largest gathering in WEF’s history. Geopolitical unrest, the global economy, and the promise and perils of AI dominated the overall conversation – and the Promenade in Davos.

Courtesy: Bloomberg/GettyImages

“BlueGreen has used traditional AI for years. We are tracking recent advances in this technology and look forward to gaining a deeper understanding of AI’s potential,” said Spin. “Innovation is at the heart of what we do at BlueGreen. AI presents unprecedented opportunities and we will be looking for ways to incorporate these advances in our work going forward,” said Spin.

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