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2021 “Breakthrough technology company of the year“
Safe water is not a given, but it should be.

Most people know that climate change, pollution, overuse, and waste is rapidly diminishing the planet’s water supply but there is another deadly problem hiding in plain sight.

Cyanobacteria/blue-green algae, or harmful algal blooms (HABS) are proliferating in lakes and oceans around the world where they swiftly dominate ecosystems killing off other organisms, hampering the delicate balance of life in the environment, and causing devastating economic damage to industries that rely on water.

Even more frightening, they release harmful toxins (such as cyanotoxins) that can sicken, or even kill humans and animals.

Only a mere 3% of the world’s water is suitable for drinking, bathing or irrigation.
People around the world don’t have access to clean water.
people die each year from consuming unsafe water
A picture of Red Tide
Every coastal country in the world is potentially affected by harmful algal bloom
A lake overgrown with Algae
Harmful algal blooms are a major environmental problem in all 50 of the United States​
Blue Green Algae in a pond
Levels of toxicity posed by algal blooms are escalating globally due to climate change and nutrient pollution​
Bright green algae infected water
Estimated worldwide damage caused by algal blooms is $270B​
Until now, there were only limited and ineffective solutions to detect, treat and manage cyanobacteria blooms​
BlueGreen has changed all that.
Safeguarding the world’s most precious resource

BlueGreen is the first and only company in the world to tackle the issue of water safety using a multi-disciplinary, tech-driven approach

Our 3-pronged approach

Formulations based on verified and tested ingredients that are so effective that only minuscule quantities are needed.

Data Acquisition

A combination of in-situ measurements, advanced remote sensing capabilities, and satellite imagery allows us to fully understand the size, scale, spread, and location of each bloom.

DEep tech & analysis

Our evolving AI and deep learning capabilities will enable us to determine, with greater accuracy, the water’s condition and predict future blooms

Advantages of Lake Guard® water formulations

Blue Green’s Lake Guard® water formulations are part of our Ecovive™ suite of solutions and can be used alongside our surveillance technologies and services to rehabilitate water bodies of any type or size and/or restore water quality.


Innovative formulations are used in small quantities to break down algae/cyano into inoffensive and non-toxic by-products such as O2 and H2O


Lake Guard products are coated with our patented IP formulation making them buoyant by wind or current to the affected location

Cost Effective

By applying the right treatment in the right place at the right time, we keep costs down and reduce waste

Safety Approved

Our formulations are US EPA/ NSF certified* and are made from ingredients that have been safety-approved causing no harm to human, animal, or plant life


Our solutions can effectively treat and/or improve the water quality of any body of water, from the smallest of lakes to the largest of oceans

*Applies to Lake Guard Blue® and Oxy formulations
Success Stories

Mantua Reservoir, Utah

BlueGreen Water Technologies' Net Blue™ technology removes CO2 by treating harmful algal blooms. The technology was tested in Utah's Mantua Reservoir and removed 12,913 tonnes of CO2. This accomplishment is a major step in the fight against climate change.

Nan Hu, China

Nan Hu is the beating heart of Yo Yang City and the site of its famous annual water festival. A proliferation of toxic algal blooms threatened to destroy the delicate environmental balance in and around the lake. After exhausting every alternative, government officials appointed BlueGreen water technologies to tackle the problems. Within 24 hours of implementing BlueGreens Lake Guard® technology, the lake’s outstanding recovery was clearly visible on satellite images.

Roodeplaat, South Africa

South Africa knows more than most countries how critical every drop of water is. Within just a few days, one treatment with BlueGreen’s Lake Guard® solution made billions of gallons of water in South Africa safe for human consumption.

6-Hectare Reservoir, Israel

The Lake Guard® Blue treatment was applied to a 6-hectare reservoir in Israel. While it only took minutes to apply the formula, far-reaching results were evident within 24 hours.

Lake Chippewa, Ohio, USA

Since 2014, Chippewa lake has had to be closed to the public every summer due to toxic algal blooms. In August 2019 the lake was treated with BlueGreen’s Lake Guard® Blue. As the product floats, the natural movement of the water does the mixing and dispersal. 24 hours later, the lake was clean

Lake Okeechobee, Florida, USA

Lake Okeechobee, the eight largest freshwater lake in the US, and a paradise of wildlife, was contaminated with aggressive toxic algae. 72 hours after governor DeSantis’ call, a response team of field scientists arrived on site and applied BlueGreen’s Lake Guard® Oxy. Within a matter of days, toxic algae were completely eliminated, and no trace remained in the water. BlueGreen not only improved Lake Okeechobee’s water quality, but provided the means to keep all of Florida’s waterways clean and useable.

Mantua Reservoir, Utah

Nan Hu, China

Roodeplaat, South Africa

6-Hectare Reservoir, Israel

Lake Chippewa, Ohio, USA

Lake Okeechobee, Florida, USA

Carbon removal at scale

BlueGreen’s revolutionary technologies and water treatment formulations are responsible for the removal of hundreds of thousands of tons of harmful carbon from our atmosphere each year. By focusing on oceans – the largest source of excess carbon in the world – we are unlocking a massive and untapped potential to clean up the environment and literally preserve life on earth.

Our treatments result in the best kind of carbon removal where carbon is transformed into inert limestone. This generates the most desired type of carbon credits in the world.

Benefits of BlueGreen’s treatments:

Leaves no footprint or residue

Requires no infrastructure

Cost effective

Ready to roll out at scale

Also reduces methane - another harmful GHG

BlueGreen is the only company with a workable and effective solution for the removal of excess carbon dioxide at scale.
Environmentally friendly toxic algae removal technology

BlueGreen is honored to have received a “Breakthrough Technology Company of the Year” award at the Global Water Awards (GWI) 2021. BlueGreen was selected from a range of early-stage technology companies for its achievements in treating cyanobacterial proliferations in water bodies of any shape or size. The award recognizes how BlueGreen’s patented formulations are transforming the way cyanobacterial attacks are treated globally as well as the company’s pioneering usage of advanced technologies to monitor, treat and rehabilitate infected waters

World map of locations where BlueGreen Water Technologies operates
Global presence

Headquartered in Israel, we are a global company with direct representation in the USA, South Africa and China and are planning to rapidly expand our global footprint.

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Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Peak Algae Season
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