Global Climate Breakthrough: BlueGreen Water Technologies Removes ≈13,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide From U.S. Freshwater Body

June 11, 2024
“In our global journey toward Net Zero…humanity just took a very positive turn.”  - Eyal Harel, CEO, BlueGreen

BlueGreen Water Technologies’ breakthrough Net Blue™ carbon removal technology has advanced the fight against climate change, achieving the first-ever verified removal of CO2 via harmful algal bloom remediation. 

In a global first, BlueGreen’s team of water scientists successfully removed 12,913 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) during its remediation of harmful algal blooms in Utah’s Mantua Reservoir, as verified by Earthood. The Utah Waterbodies Restoration Programme was carried out in partnership with Brigham City, Utah, at no cost to the city.

“We are thrilled to achieve the world’s first-ever removal of CO2 via remediation of harmful algal blooms in freshwater,” said Eyal Harel, CEO of BlueGreen. “Our team not only removed nearly 13,000 metric tons of CO2e, we restored the health of the aquatic ecosystem, which has suffered chronic outbreaks of toxic algae. This is an important milestone in our efforts toward delivering swift and significant climate action while protecting our freshwater resources.” 

In partnership with Brigham City, Utah, BlueGreen treated Mantua Reservoir for algal blooms on September 25, 2023. The project marked the first test of BlueGreen’s Net Blue™, the first-ever verified methodology to quantify how much atmospheric CO2 can be removed by treating algal blooms. Following BlueGreen’s treatment, the Reservoir was declared safe for all water-based activities.

“Our partnership with Brigham City has not only reduced a health and environmental hazard, it has achieved a new milestone in the global quest to remove CO2 from the atmosphere,” said Jan Spin, President of Americas, BlueGreen.

Social Carbon Foundation, manager of international greenhouse gas (GHG) standard SOCIALCARBON®, issued 12,913 Net Blue™ carbon credits in April 2024 after receiving verification from Earthood. Climate solutions leader Thallo facilitated the pre-purchase of high-quality Net Blue™ carbon credits at $100 per credit to  Zumo, the B2B digital assets infrastructure prioritizing compliance and sustainability, as part of a wider portfolio to meet its sustainability needs. The remaining Net Blue™ credits are now for sale.

BlueGreen deploys its technologies across multiple continents, improving water quality and availability while removing atmospheric CO2 that contributes to global warming while improving water quality and availability, enhancing biodiversity, supporting local economies, and safeguarding the health of plants, animals, and humans alike. 

“Harmful algal blooms infect around 60 million lakes around the world, ultimately rendering them ‘dead aquatic zones’. They also hold an untapped potential to remove 5-15 gigatons of carbon each year,” said Harel. “Net Blue™ carbon credits finance our mission to make water safe. In our global journey toward Net Zero and dare I say Net Negative, humanity just took a very positive turn.” 

Check out the photo and after photos! 

Before treatment

After treatment
Before treatment
After treatment

Mountains above a clear lake

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