Solution to cyanobacterial toxic blooms in freshwater bodies

May 9, 2021

source: Green Living Chats

Eyal Harel joined me on the podcast to discuss BlueGreen Water Technologies' solution to cyanobacterial toxic blooms in freshwater bodies (aka “blue-green algae”). We talked about his life experiences and how he came up with this solution together with his team. We also discussed the application of their technology as well as the research and certification that has gone into securing the safety of this solution to human health and environmental protection.

BlueGreen Water Technologies is a leading global WaterTech company that provides innovative, scalable solutions to toxic algae bloom for all bodies of water, irrespective of size or shape with guaranteed results. Water is the source of life. It is a precondition for a healthy environment. It is a human right. Triggered by lower water levels, pollution and global warming, toxic algal blooms pose a serious threat, turning half of the world’s lakes and oceans into ‘dead aquatic zones’, hostile to other living beings.

Mountains above a clear lake

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