Ecovive™ Services

The BlueGreen Ecovive™ suite of solutions was designed to tackle the issue of harmful cyanobacteria/algal blooms and other harmful environmental issues. Using a mixture of advanced monitoring and surveillance capabilites, cutting-edge AI technology, and our Lake Guard®  formulations, we can predict when and where blooms are likely to occur and can launch prompt, efficient, scalable, and economical water treatment. Through ourgrowing range of holistic Ecovive™ services and products we can resolve pervasive global water challenges, both present, and future.​​

BlueGreen’s capabilities

Treating water bodies of all shapes and sizes

Ecovive™  provides service to water bodies of all sizes from the smallest of ponds to the largest lakes, and even oceans.


Our team of scientists can create a customized solution for any HABs-infested waterbody. Together with our AI capabilities, we prescribe an optimized treatment based on the minimum amount of product needed to produce effective results. We then select the appropriate product from our  Lake Guard ®️ suite  using it to treat algal infestations, prevent future infestations and or/ enhance water clarity. 


In order to know where to apply treatment, we use satellites and drones to monitor large expanses of water from afar. We track the presence and progression of algal blooms by using RGB images and infrared to measure the level of substances such as chlorophyll concentration and convert this data into a “bloom status”.


We grant you access to leading experts who can help you respond rapidly to emergency situations regaining control and averting disaster.


We supply you with detailed reports on the progress and condition of cyanobacteria/algal blooms in the waterbody  that is being monitored and/or treated.

Net Blue™

(Carbon Capture and Sequestration)

The rising level of CO2 in the atmosphere is concerning to all on earth. Cyanobacteria play an important role in reducing atmospheric CO2 through their natural process of bio-mineralization. By mimicking their bio-mineralization process at scale, BlueGreen removes large volumes of CO2 from the atmosphere helping to resolve a growing environmental problem.

Coming soon

Lake Guard®️ View

We use a combination of satellite-based remote-sensing technology, AI, and advanced analytics to predict where and when blooms are likely to occur so we can launch prompt and effective treatment, preventing small problems from escalating into large natural disasters.

Lake Guard®️ Discover

In collaboration with AquaRealTime, we offer our annual subscription service to help you monitor and protect your waterway. Water probes are placed in your waterbody and a personal online dashboard allows you to view vital information in real time about blue-green algae status, turbidity, temperature, sunlight, wind, and rain and more.

Lake Guard®️ Spot

We’re developing sensors for the rapid detection of toxin levels in lakes. This will provide instant toxin readings that show whether water is safe for drinking, irrigation, leisure activities, and more.

Lake Guard®️ Diagnose

Upload your own drone or satellite images of your lake or other body of water and we will use our AI capabilities to infer the concentration of algae in the water. Keep track of your bloom situation over time in the customer area of our site. Review the images and keep track of the bloom situation yourself or receive optional support from BlueGreen

Lake Guard®️ Invade Alert

While we only treat cyanobacteria and algae, we can use a combination of satellite and drone images to monitor the spread of other invasive aquatic plants, helping you detect fast-growing populations, or predict where and when an outbreak is likely to occur

Sea Guard™ Red Alert

Red tides are attacks of red-hued alga which commonly occur in oceans and seas causing rapid devastation to large tracts of water. Using our surveillance and analytics technologies, we can detect the beginnings of red tides in time to launch early preventative action.

Our Process

Initial contact

Reach out to us by phone, email, or via the online form on our website to discuss your water problem.


One of our representatives will help identify your specific problem and need. We will share our procedures and capabilities with you and together we will determine the best course of action.


We will assign a lead water scientist and a project manager to your case. Field personnel, supported by our R&D scientists at HQ, will visit your site and carry out any necessary field research to refine and tailor the method of treatment to your case.


Your lead water scientist and project manager will devise a treatment protocol based on your needs.​

Evaluation & Future Projects​

Following the remediation program, we evaluate its success and use data gathered to devise future water treatment and prevention plans.​

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